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Root canal treatment, or more colloquially "killing the nerve", is the treatment aimed at eliminating and disinfecting the nerve tissue of the tooth that is affected by some pathology. The pulp tissue of the tooth is located inside the tooth, and is made up of blood vessels and nervous tissue. When the lesions of the teeth reach this tissue, they produce intense pain that must be treated immediately through RCT.

What is a Root
Canal Treatment

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What can cause pain or infection in the pulp tissue?

When the tooth suffers an injury, the nerve tissue that is in the innermost part of the tooth can be damaged.

The most common causes that can damage pulp tissue are:


Deep caries, which have destroyed the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth and have managed to reach the tooth pulp





Trauma, which causes fractures of the tooth and exposes the pulpar tissue to the outside

Wear of the teeth due to bruxism or rubbing between them.

Large reconstructions that are very close to the pulpar tissue and irreversibly inflame it, causing intense pain.

  1. Anesthetize the area of the tooth to be treated in a topical and infiltrative way.

  2. Elimination and disinfection of the cavities in the tooth.

  3. Isolation of the tooth to be treated, so that it is contaminated with saliva.

  4. Elimination and cleaning with sodium hypochlorite from the chamber pulp.

  5. Disinfection and instrumentation of the root canals, eliminating all root pulp tissue.

  6. Cleaning with different solutions such as sodium hypochlorite and EDTA.

  7. Drying of the canal with paper tips.

  8. Filling of the root canals with a cement based on calcium hydroxide and guttapercha tips.

  9. Rebuild the temporary tooth with composite giving it the precise functionality and aesthetics.

  10. Rehabilitate the tooth with a crown or incrustation, since when removing the pulpar tissue from the tooth, the cavity that is created in the tooth is very large and the dental tissue that we have will be very fragile and tends to fracture over time. The crown or incrustation will cause the tooth to extend the useful life of the treated tooth.

Teeth that have been treated with an endodontics should be checked every year, to mainly control infections in the roots of the tooth that can affect the bone or the teeth that are around the root canal treated tooth.

What can cause pain or infection in the pulp tissue?

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