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What is Clear Aligner?


Clear Aligner is an orthodontic treatment designed to slowly move misaligned teeth to the proper alignment. It consists of a series of transparent plastic trays that fit perfectly around the teeth. Clear aligner is practically invisible on your teeth, so only you and your dentist should know that you are using your aligners. At the end of the treatment period, you can enjoy the direct and shocking smile you have always wanted.


What is Clear Aligner?

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Most patients who want to straighten their teeth are good candidates for Invisalign orthodontics. The system can treat mild to complex cases. Whether you have several teeth out of place or need to straighten the entire set of teeth, it is worth scheduling a consultation with our orthodontists to see if you are a candidate for clear aligners.

Clear Aligners are often preferred to traditional devices because it is practically invisible.

Teenagers who feel self-conscious about their appearance do not have to worry about smiling in public when they use class photographs and clear aligners selfies will look perfect.

The clear aligners can also be used safely during sports and gymnastics class without the worry of injuring your tongue or cheeks, as is the case with metal devices. For adult patients, the use of the clear aligners allows you to maintain a polished and professional image instead of having to deal with the appearance of orthodontic appliances for months.

Using clear aligner is also more comfortable than using braces for most patients. Although you may experience some pain and discomfort, especially in the first days after switching to a new aligner, there are no metal braces or wires that irritate the gums. Your personalized aligners will feel soft against the cheeks and tongue.

Clear aligners can also allow you to maintain better dental hygiene than traditional appliances. Since you remove the aligners before brushing, you can keep your teeth very clean. Brushing around traditional braces can be difficult; plaque and bacteria can accumulate around the frenilli, which increases the risk of cavities and gum disease.

With clear aligners, there are no dietary restrictions. Patients are able to continue eating all their favorite crunchy and hard foods, including nuts, apples and crackers, when using Invisalign. These foods are often prohibited with braces, since they can break them or the cables.


Who is a Candidate for clear aligners?

What are the benefits of the Clear Aligner?

How is your Invisalign treatment plan drawn up? 


Even before your aligners are created, several cutting-edge technologies are used to shape your new smile. Combine that with the knowledge of your orthodontist, and you will have a precise digital plan made just for you.

  • 1st starts with a scan of your smile.

Initial assessment: We evaluate your case, take photographs and x-rays to help the diagnosis. 3D scan and simulation: In less than 5 minutes we get the digital models of your teeth

and bite. With the iTero scanner, we will get the forecast and an estimate of treatment results.

  • 2nd  Mapping of future changes and Predict your smile

Approval of the case: With the ClinCheck software we know the exact number of aligners, we will see the movement of each tooth in detail.

It is shipped to manufacture: In plants in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and


  • 3: Date with Invisalign

Cementing of attachments: With your template you proceed to install these attachments.

Indications for use: We explain everything about the use, care and cleaning of your aligners.

Controls: The respective controls are scheduled with your orthodontist/GP.


Why is it the best
orthodontic treatment?

Because we managed to obtain the same results of metal orthodontics, and with the unparalleled advantages of clear aligners:

Aesthetics: Transparent design that allows you to smile with confidence. Comfort: Without wires or metal bands, the aligners are soft and flexible. Customization: Tailor-designed and unique aligners for each patient. Removable: Remove them to eat and clean, facilitating the use of dental floss and oral hygiene. Visits to the orthodontist: Fewer appointments than with traditional orthodontics. Efficiency: We can align the teeth without braces and faster.Less emergencies: Without wires or brackets, there are fewer inconveniences.Predictability: 3D technology shows the treatment from start to finish.Improves self-esteem: Greater confidence for your discretion.Safety: Metal-free design reduces the risk of mouth injuries.


Who can use clear aligners?

Now that you know what this treatment is, how it works and why it is the best option, you will probably be wondering: Is Clear aligner right for me? The answer is a resounding yes; most people who need orthodontics are candidates to use clear aligners, including adolescents and adults.

Some of the dental conditions that can be treated with clear aligners include crowding, diastemas or spaces between the teeth, deep bite, crossbite and open bite.

  • What is the duration of treatment with clear aligners?


    The treatment can be 50% faster, since it performs 3 or 4 movements at a time from the first aligner. The brackets have to go through phases, so they are slower. Depending on the complexity, it can last from 1 and a half months to 2 years.


    What is better, using braces or clear aligners?


    Without a doubt, lear aligners. Why use brackets when you can get the same results without them. With our approach, you won't have to change your lifestyle or give up your favorite foods.


    Is clear aligner painful?


    Of the different types of orthodontics and braces, aligners tend to be less painful. There may be a slight pressure or discomfort when changing them, but this decreases as the teeth adapt.


    Each person has a different experience, however, they bother very little.


    Is it necessary to use retainers after the end of the treatment?


    Yes, they will help you keep your teeth in their new position and prevent them from moving again. You will be provided with instructions on the use, hygiene and cleaning of them.


    Can I play sports or play a musical instrument with clear aligners?


    Yes, you can play sports and play musical instruments while wearing the aligners. However, if you practice contact sports, it is recommended to use an additional mouthguard to protect your teeth.


    What happens if I lose or damage an aligner?


    In case of losing or damaging an aligner, you must inform it immediately. The aligner may need to be replaced to avoid delays in treatment. Always follow the instructions to ensure the success of the treatment.


    How long does it take to see the changes?


    The speed of the results may vary depending on the individual case. However, many patients begin to notice visible improvements in their smile after a few months of constant use of the aligners. Progress is gradual and constant as the treatment plan progresses.


    Does it affect speech in any way?


    At first, there may be a slight change in speech while you get used to the aligners in your mouth. However, most patients adapt very quickly and recover their normal speech in a short time.

    Regular practice and constant use of aligners will help minimize any effect on speech.


    What is the minimum age for treatment?


    It can be used by children and adults. In general, it is recommended that patients be older adolescents with permanent teeth erupted before starting treatment. But, sometimes the case desers to intervene before the patient's problem.


    Are there alternatives to clear aligners?


    Yes, there are currently other brands available on the market such as Clear Aligner, Clear Correct, Keep Smile, Moons, Wizz and others. The difference is that some brands of aligners as an alternative do not compare. There are brands that are not under the supervision of an orthodontist and are for mild cases.


    What care should I take with the aligners when I don't have them on?


    It is important to keep them in their case to avoid losing or damaging them. Do not expose them to the sun or intense heat, or leave them for the pet to play!


    Does tobacco affect invisible aligners?


    Yes, tobacco can stain the aligners, making them less "invisible." In addition, smoking can have other negative effects on oral health.


    What happens if I'm pregnant?


    Yes, there is no problem in using invisible aligners during pregnancy. However, consult with your orthodontist and your doctor to be safe and calm during the treatment.


    How do you clean the aligners to keep them transparent?


    Use warm water and a soft brush, avoid abrasive toothpastes or rinses with dyes, they can stain or damage the aligners. In our article "How to clean Invisalign aligners" you will find a complete guide on this topic.


    Can I have coffee or tea with the aligners on?


    No, because hot or dyed drinks can stain or deform the aligners. It is better to remove them before consuming these drinks and remember to rinse your mouth before putting them back on.


    If I take off the aligners for longer than recommended, what happens?


    You can delay the treatment and not move your teeth in the planned way. It is important to follow the instructions and the minimum time of daily use to obtain the best results.

    Is it difficult to place and remove the aligners?


    At first you may feel a little difficult, but with practice it becomes an easy task. If you have problems, your orthodontist can show you techniques to make it easier.

    Do I have to avoid certain activities?


    In general, you can lead your normal life. Just make sure to remove them when eating, drinking something other than water and brushing your teeth.​


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