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It is very important that we maintain a formidable dental health, since healthy teeth, in addition to giving us a good presence and making us feel good, allow us to talk and eat correctly.

The hygiene of our body and, therefore, of our teeth is essential for our body to enjoy good health. Within our daily hygiene we must not neglect the care of our mouth during all periods of our life.

What is dental hygiene?

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Brush after each meal with a correct brushing technique that allows us to remove bacterial plaque comfortably, in a reasonable time and that does not cause injuries in our mouth.


Use of silk or floss and interproximal brushes to clean the spaces between the teeth. Perform the cleaning of the tongue, using tongue scrapers.

Use of dental irrigators, which end up eliminating the bacterial plaque deposited in places that are difficult to access for cleaning.


Perform mouthwashes with the mouthwash that our trusted dentist has recommended to us.

Perform dental hygiene at the dental clinic at least once a year. It is a deeper cleaning, in which coffee or tobacco stains and bacterial plaque that has hardened on our teeth or also called tartar will be removed.

dental hygiene

How should we carry out the hygiene of our mouth?

Oral hygiene is aimed at eliminating bacterial plaque or oral biofilm, where the bacteria responsible for the two most common diseases of the mouth are found: cavities and periodontitis.

If we do not remove bacterial plaque daily with good hygiene, in the long run we will have problems in our mouth, and we can even lose our teeth.

What is the goal of good oral hygiene?


Professional dental cleaning or, also known as oral prophylaxis, is the procedure by which the hygienist or dentist removes the accumulated tartar in the teeth, bacterial plaque or oral biofilm and the stains that stain the outer layer of the enamel of the teeth.

What is professional dental cleaning?

How do we perform dental hygiene at the Brisbane Dental

The procedure that we follow at Brisbane Dental to perform a dental cleaning, allows us to maintain proper oral health and diagnose pathologies of teeth and gums early, in order to be able to prevent greater problems in the future.

The steps we follow to perform a correct dental cleaning are:

Examination of the patient's mouth.

We value the daily dental hygiene of the patient, if the gums bleed, if there are areas where more bacterial plaque accumulates or if there is a presence of a cavity.


Elimination of tartar above the gum

The ultrasonic instrument is used that emits a vibration that, in addition to breaking the union of tartar with the tooth, destroys the unions and walls of bacterial cells, thus also eliminating the bacteria that form bacterial plaque.


Remove the tartar that is under the gum

Elimination of tartar that is under the gum with manual instruments, called periodontal curettes.


Polishing of all surfaces of the tooth

This phase is very important, because if we leave the teeth well polished, we prevent the tartar from easily re-atching to the teeth. In this phase we also remove the stains or stains that are found on the surface of the teeth.


Use of fluorine

Fluoridation of the teeth by means of gels with a high concentration of fluoride.

45 minutes the session.

Professional dental cleaning sessions usually last between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on how much tartar has accumulated on the teeth.

How long does a dental cleaning session last?

Is a professional dental cleaning painful?

If professional dental cleaning is well diagnosed and treated, it should not be a painful treatment for the patient.

Today it is a painless, fast and best procedure to help keep our gums and teeth in a formidable state of health.

The only discomfort that the patient could have is dental sensitivity, which we can control by infiltrative anesthesia in the areas where the patient notices this sensitivity.

At Brisbane Dental we care about oral health and we always advise you to do good oral hygiene because if it is not done, in the long run, serious problems can arise such as losing a tooth.

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