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dental bridge

A Versatile Restorative Solution


A dental bridge stands as a versatile restorative treatment, offering solutions to bridge the gaps between teeth with prostheses that blend seamlessly for a natural appearance. With various shapes and application methods tailored to different areas of the mouth, dental bridges address tooth loss effectively.

Dental Bridges


Types of Dental Bridges at Brisbane Dental

At  Brisbane Dental, we offer multiple types of dental bridge treatments to restore natural aesthetics in cases of tooth loss across different areas of the mouth:

Maryland Dental Bridge:

The Maryland dental bridge features a tooth-shaped prosthesis with metal wings on each side. Anchoring to adjacent teeth by cementing its wings at the back, this bridge is suitable for front teeth restoration, enhancing smiles without the need for significant strength.



Traditional Dental Bridge:

Comprising 3 to 4 consecutive crowns, a traditional dental bridge requires healthy teeth or dental implants at each end of the space. The crowns are fixed onto adjacent teeth or implants, with intermediate crowns filling the gaps. This type of bridge is ideal for bottom teeth restoration.


Cantilever Dental Bridge:

In a cantilevered bridge, a tooth-shaped structure is attached to a dental crown, filling a single-tooth gap. Anchored by cementing the crown to a neighboring tooth or implant, this bridge is recommended for canines or adjacent teeth due to its limited resistance to pressure, making it unsuitable for molars.



A dental bridge typically lasts up to 15 years, akin to dental implants, contingent on proper care and oral hygiene. Benefits include speech correction, smile restoration, improved chewing, bite adjustment, and prevention of tooth movement post tooth loss.

Procedure Overview

Longevity and Benefits

The dental bridge procedure commences with an initial oral health evaluation, followed by a thorough assessment of the mouth and missing teeth. Any underlying issues must be addressed before bridge installation. Material selection is based on factors like allergies, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Impressions are taken and sent to a manufacturer, with personalized bridges ready within weeks.


The cost of dental bridges varies depending on material selection and techniques, making it challenging to standardize costs. For personalized pricing and expert guidance, consult our team at Brisbane Dental.

Cost Considerations


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