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Dr Bashour brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, experience, and skills to anyone wanting to improve their smile. Dr. Bashour has vast clinical experience in multiple clinics across south east Queensland, he also has expertise in performing treatments under deep sedation and general Anesthesia in Brisbane dental and multiple hospitals in the greater Brisbane region. Dr. Bashour placed more than 2000 dental implant since 2010.


Raghed worked at Liberty Dental clinic in Dubai, awarded the Best Dental Clinic in the UAE according to “GV Pedia”, the official publisher for “The Best in the World”, and accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).


“It’s the eyes and the smile that speak to us,” says Dr Bashour. “When we smile, they both light up, and that’s why I enjoy doing a smile and mouth rehabilitation using modern technology like Digital Smile Design, lasers, 3D x-rays, and digital scans. These treatments can be done with veneers, crowns or implants to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth,” he says.


Growing up in Dubai, Raghed graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2010, and continued taking educational courses in many fields, especially Dental Implants, Aesthetic Dentistry and Laser Dentistry. He completed his implant training with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) in 2013, and continued the Academy examinations to become an Associate Fellow in 2016.


Dr Bashour utilises a range of technology in Dentistry including CAD/CAM CEREC (same day crowns), dental lasers, Digital Smile Design and digital implant planning. Raghed has completed over 1,500 veneer cases during his 7 years at Liberty Dental Clinic for patients who previously would travel from all over the world to seek treatment. Dr Bashour is a diamond provider and the only certified dentist in Australia and Oceania to provide NNN veneers. He also has extensive experience and a passion for laser dentistry, and delivered lectures in both Laser and Aesthetic Dentistry in Dubai.


Dentistry has the ability to change someone's life and helping to achieve these results with his patients is something Dr Bashour enjoys most. The journey also allows for professional relationships to be built and Dr Bashour thoroughly enjoys getting to know his patients.


Dr Bashour is fluent in both English and Arabic. If you are looking for an Arabic speaking dentist please ensure you let our reception team know so we can help schedule your dental appointment appropriately. Dr Bashour is also available to assist with email enquiries or to communicate over the phone directly with patients.

Dr Raghed Bashour

Dr Raghed Bashour

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